Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My dear Aunt Dot died on February 18.  A friend’s husband died unexpectedly two weeks ago.  The fathers of two choir members have recently died.  Another choir member’s grandmother died a few days ago.  Last week I played for a funeral and another is on my schedule for this week. It seems I am sending more sympathy than birthday cards and making many arrangements for memorial donations and flowers.

Speaking about the many losses with one of my tenors, we summed it up by agreeing it was the stage of life we are now in.  50’s and 60’s, with the older generation passing on and the occasional death of one of our peers.  It is uncharted territory for me, but perhaps acknowledging it is at least a step in the right direction.

I was grateful when my aunt died-her last few weeks were painful, confusing and humiliating.  In short, not about living.  Her rich life was celebrated at a beautiful Episcopal service by her sister, numerous nieces and nephews, a couple of great-nieces and a few friends.  My cousin and I drank a margarita to her at the lunch afterwards (oh yes, she would have approved whole-heartedly!).  And I will treasure her memory every time I hear opera, visit an art museum or see a foreign movie- thanks, Dot.

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Joe said...

Aunt Rose died on March 12. She too was 90.