Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Bill and I have just returned from Cape Breton Island, the northernmost part of Nova Scotia. We spent 4 nights in the town of Cheticamp, exactly 550 miles from our house, as part of a much needed post-wedding getaway. Across the street from our cottage was a quiet, almost deserted beach, perfect for early morning and sunset walks. We explored every inch of the charming Acadian village, with its impressive St. Pierre Church and Les Trois Pignons Museum. But best of all we were near the Cape Breton Highlands National Park where we took many short hikes and stopped at every scenic overlook. I was overwhelmed with the amount of wilderness there...one could look off into the distance for miles and miles and know that there were no roads, no trails, no people. The scenery was stunning and unlike any I'd ever seen-so beautiful that I can't find words to describe the beauty, so I'll say it with photos.

Looking down at the village of Pleasant Bay

Happy hour on the beach

The marsh behind Aspey Bay

Aspey Bay, where John Cabot is thought to have first landed in North America.

Me, rested

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Trapper the Cat said...

Hi, Julia! Isn't Cheticamp and Cape Breton the best? You have beautiful photos. Bob and I loved it when we visited last October. So glad you had a restful visit there. I have been thinking of you and Bill a lot, wanting to find some time to get together. Sounds like you have been very busy and would like to hear wedding stories. Perhaps I can look further on your blog. Anyway, it is good to see you and Bill looking well. All the best to you both from Jill of Dedham. P.S. Please excuse the use of Trapper as my identity. I am new to this blogger comment stuff and it looks like I should have signed in differently.