Friday, December 31, 2010

37. Happy Holiday

I woke up on Christmas Day with a deep sense of gratitude. As the early morning sun shone thru the window I took a few minutes to count my blessings...good health, a loving family and long marriage, a happy daughter, meaningful work, enough money, many dear friends, hope for the future.
This Christmas has been very special and full of joy. Emily and Jeff spent the holiday with us and they brought a welcome addition to our celebration. We had a full house with gifts, books, laptops and iPhones scattered all around, movies of varying quality, music, NPR, and a bustling kitchen. I can't remember the last time someone prepared Christmas breakfast for me, and this one was stellar- omelettes, bacon, and babka. And to add to it all there was a little levity...
All four of us attended the 4 pm service on Christmas Eve, came home for a simple supper of fish stew, then Bill and I went back to St. Saviour's to play and sing for the 10 pm service. While we were gone some kitchen elves made a cake, frosted it and then decorated it with this: Happy Birthday Jesus. Those same elves hid it on the front porch, cleaned every trace of preparation from the kitchen, and presented it Christmas morning on our special occasion cake plate.
Keep in mind this comes from a Jew and soon-to-be Jew...and this is humor that I like. Come back soon, Em and Jeff!

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